Meeting Summary

    Tuesday 23 September     16:00     Hootenanny's, Church Street, Inverness

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Present - Ged Church (GC), Brian MacKenzie (BM), Ron Stewart (RS), Graham Tuley (GT),
                Roger Humphry (RH) from 17.30
Apologies - Lindsay Mackinnon (LM), Diana Gilbert (DG), Moira Broadhead (MB)

Note of Previous Meeting
    A note had been circulated to attendees but had been posted late on the website.
    MB had queried this in an email.
    BM replied and explained that it was still the aim to update the website within about a week.
    ACTION BM to maintain the website in an accurate and timely manner.

Matters arising
    1. Dualling of A9 - GC had not written to Jacobs as indicated.
        Additional agenda item 9 to address this issue.
    4. Future venue and time for meetings.
        ACTION GC to look at availability and cost of Olive Grove.
        ACTION BM to negotiate hire costs with Velocity Cafe.

Agenda Items (New item 9 inserted)
    1. Report on ATAG meeting (BM/RS)
    2. Reports on A9 meetings past & future (RS)
    3. Report on Beauly to Kirkhill (GC)
    4. Road orders etc (GT)
    5. Proposed meeting with D McKechnie (BM)
    6. Newsletter - Volunteers for articles & deadline setting (DG)
    7. Transfer of signatories etc (LM)
    8. Inshes and Raigmore Development (BM)
    9. Proposed strategy for dualling of A9 works (RH)
    10. AOB

1. Report on ATAG meeting
    BM, RS attended Tuesday 17th at Aviemore. THC? looking at reducing speed limits on certain rural roads. Fiona McInally ( Hitrans ) reported that submissions are being sought from the community.
    ACTION ?? - Contact Hitrans to check submission procedure. Circulate members with information GC

2. Reports on A9 meetings past & future
    ACTION RS, BM to add this note.

3. Report on Beauly to Kirkhill etc. GC
    In May it was heard that the Beauly to Kirkhill section of the proposed Inverness shared use route
    had received Community Links funding. Works should be completed by 31/03/14.
    The Kirkhill & Bunchrew Community Trust are now pursuing further sections in this area with other
    local community organisations and Highland council.
    It will still be necessary to upgrade the Lovat bridge to Beauly path or to provide an alternative.

4. Road orders etc GT
    GT brought a map showing Core Paths to be stopped up and replaced as part of the
    SDL river canal crossing.
    ACTION GT, BM - Investigate existing paths and ascertain whether replacements adequate in time
    to lodge possible objection.
    ACTION GC - Contact Access Officer for further information GC

5. Proposed meeting with D McKechnie BM.
    BM had suggested a meeting with David McKechnie (DM) Integrated Transport Manager THC
    when they had met at the ATAG meeting (Item 1). A discussion on possible agenda followed.
    ACTION BM to contact DM to arrange a meeting to discuss ongoing Inverness issues.

6. Newsletter - Volunteers for articles & deadline
    A discussion resulted in the following -
    i) Report on past & future meetings with MSP & Minister on Kessock Bridge issues and A9 dualling. RS
    ii) Report on progress with Beauly to Kirkhill route GC
    iii) A view on the Flood Alleviation works. BM
    iv) A9 Dualling - GC and/or RH

    Diana Gilbert has set a deadline of 20 October for articles to publish Newsletter on 31 October.
    She would prefer the articles earlier than this.
    ACTION All - Submit agreed articles asap.

7. Transfer of signatories etc LM
    LM had intimated that he was unable to function as treasurer due to his own work pressure.
    The most difficult task has been identified as the handover meeting arrangements with MB.
    Duncan Tullis, a member who works as a mechanic/trainer at Velocity has volunteered to fill
    the Treasurer post. It was agreed that he should be asked to do so.

8. Update on Inshes & Raigmore development brief. GT/BM
    A more detailed consultation has been arranged for 29th Sept.
    All comments (35 pages) now on Highland Council website.
    Many comments from cyclists which have gone further than our own.
    BM suggested trying to contact some of these for mutual support.
    ACTION GT, BM - To attend the Consultation.

9. Proposed Strategy for dualling of A9 works RH
    RH reported on his involvement in this issue from the outset as a member of the Green Party in Perth.
    He had supported a proposal to build a path on both sides. Local campaigners had not responded
    positively to this. He suggested we set a formula for common agreement re. crossings links and
    distances from settlements, dwellings and trip destinations. A discussion followed.
    It was agreed to request the Minister to produce a design plan for proposals for active travel that
    matches political desire for people to be able to cycle for work, school, everyday life and leisure.
    We would then have the opportunity to scrutinise the plan with a view to approving/adding changes.
    ACTION GC Produce a short statement for agreement with other groups.
    ACTION BM Present statement/request to Transport Minister at meeting.

Date of Next Meeting
    It was generally agreed that the date should be at the end of Oct or start of Nov.
    A Tuesday was agreed as the day. A suitable start time was agreed as 4 pm.
    This could not be finalised until a suitable venue had been decided. [See earlier ACTION]