Meeting Summary

    Thursday 17 Jul 2014     18:30     Highland Hotel, Station Square, Inverness
        (Transferred from two:8 Church Street, Inverness)
Present - Ged Church (GC), Brian MacKenzie (BM), Ron Stewart (RS), Graham Tuley (GT)
Apologies - Lindsay MacKinnon, J D Stewart Campbell

    1. Standard items & update on actions arising from agenda
    2. Response to TS re. options for A9 - A 96 link road
    3. Response to THC re. proposals for Inshes junction and development plans Raigmore
    4. Review of meeting venue, time,frequency and communications
    5. AOB

1. Note of Previous Meeting

i) Meeting notes - Process for writing, amending & posting on website normally by one week following meeting now in place & operating.

ACTION BM To post notes on website & highlight agreed actions for members appropriately

ii) Open Streets - BM spoke to Peter Elbourne of Million Miles ( Transition Black Isle ) which organisation uses this mapping system - dialogue and development to continue. Any interested members could contact Brian or Ged.

iii) Raigmore & Inshes Development plan & Transport Scotland's A96/A9 connections. No comments received from membership see item 2 below. Link now on website

iv) A9 dualling - Amended note received from Jacobs. GC reported conversation with Roger Humphrey re formula for community links. Now decided to write to Jacobs/TS & MSPs regarding assurance over crossings, new sections & links.

ACTION GC Initial letter - Jacobs/TS

v) AOBs 1 -4 No action. Re. 3 varied emerging provision noted along riversides.

2. Response to TS re. options for A9 -A 96 link road

Options were discussed. It was noted that the effect on the route of NCN 1 the south of the A9 overbridge was unclear and also that one option included roundabouts. No option was preferred.
Decided to write general reponse asking that
• first class cycling & walking facilities & destination links be part of any option.
• NCN 1 route be safeguarded &/or improved
• Cycle/pedestrian routes have throgh grade separated links at roundabouts.

ACTION GC Write comment to TS by 31st July - Circulate to those at meeting for approval prior to sending and post on website

3. Response to THC re. proposals for Inshes junction & development plans Raigmore.

There was a long discussion over this. GT had received a response from THC re. status of shared routes marked on page 8 of doc. This stated that all route classification on maps was only indicative. BM reported on his investigations into possible improved junction designs. GT proposed dedicated cycle route from Culcabok to Culloden Rd. south of overbridge.

Agreed to write to THC outlining these requests.

ACTION GT, BM Send plans to GC by Friday 25th July.
ACTION GC Collate and send response to THC for 31st July deadline.

4. Review of meeting venue, time,frequency & communications

There was a brief discussion. GC has concerns over two:8 venue which had proved inaccessible this evening, on grounds of size. Also GC would find earlier meeting more convenient ( 4.00pm ).

ACTION All Think about this issue and put forward ideas.

Next Meeting - 25th September 2014 Time and venue to be arranged.

Members are invited to send their comments on item 2 and/ or 3
to the HCC Secretary by Wednesday 23/07/14   4.00pm
          (highlandcyclecampaign at gmail dot com)
for inclusion in HCC's submissions to Transport Scotland and Highland Council.
HCC Members and the public may also make their own submissions directly.

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Minutes - will be published on 26 Jul 2014

Inshes and Raigmore Development Brief - []
(Includes: Inshes Junction Improvement Phase 2)

Highland Council Booklet - [Inshes_and_Raigmore_Booklet.pdf (6.34 MB)]

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