Meeting Summary

    Thursday 19 Jun 2014     18:30     two:8 Church Street, Inverness

Present - Ged Church (GC), Brian MacKenzie (BM), Graham Tuley (GT)
Apologies - Jim Towers

    1. Note of previous meeting
    2. Actions from 1
    3. Active Travel Map - response to Hitrans - Summarise & further action?
    4. A9/A96 link & Inshes junction & developments consultation - HCC to respond
    5. A9 Dualling meeting note
    6. AOB

1. & 2. The meeting had been general and largely concerned with an open discussion about communications. It had been agreed to meet on 3rd Thursday of each month and to book the Two & 8 venue, No note had been produced and it was agreed that GC should write a note from hereon and, once approved by those present, BM would put it on website for attention of members on the Thursday following the meeting.
ACTION GC To write and circulate meeting note and amend as necessary
ACTION BM To post notes on website & highlight agreed actions for members appropriately

3.It was reported that we had received a copy of the draft Hitrans Active Travel Map of Inverness from Fiona McInally ( FM ). It was also displayed in Velocity Café for public comment. Members were invited to comment and those who did were invited to a meeting at Velocity to discuss the map. GT, BM, GC, Bob Hemingway & Anne Thomas attended. Following this BM sent the combined HCC/CTC comments to FM. A discussion followed and it was noted that Transition Black Isle used "Open Streets " to post cycle routes. BM offered to investigate the potential and operation of Open Streets. It was agreed to meet with FM if requested to go over our comments.
ACTION BM To investigate Open Streets.

4. It was reported that a number of members had attended the Public exhibition of the above proposed works by Highland Council ( THC ) and Transport Scotland ( TS ). Both organisations have issued explanatory documents. We are invited to comment on 3 options for a new road link from A96 to A9 ( TS ) and the proposed changes to the Inshes junction and development plans for Inshes and Raigmore. These proposals have significant impact on cycling and wallking provision.

The meeting agreed to encourage members to look at the documents on line or to ask for paper copies from THC,TS or BM. members can send in their comments independently or to BM to collate for HCC comment by 15th July. The deadline for comments is the end of July. It was agreed that a comment would be prepared following the next HCC meeting ( 17th July ). GT reported that he had prepared a personal comment in draft and anyone who wished to see it and use any content was welcome to do so.
ACTION BM Post link to documents on website
ACTION ALL send in comments to BM by 15th June
ACTION GM post link for his comments

5. A note of the Perth ( 9th April ) meeting organised by Jacobs had been received. BM & Dick Langridge had attended for HCC. Both BM & GC had since discussed an approach with Roger Humphrey ( RH ) of Bycycle ( Perth ). RH had suggested a formula for improving the corridor cycle route between Perth & Inverness and ensuring adequate good quality grade separated crossings linking communities along either side of the A9. It was agreed to continue contacts with other cycling organisations over this issue and to exhort members to write to their MSPs to ask for adequate cycle & walking crossings at maximum additional distances for severed communities.
ACTION GC Contact RH for agreed formula.
ACTION BM Post exhortation to members to write to MSPs

AOB 1. GT reported on a THC road order to put speed cushions on Ross Ave. Inverness
ACTION BM to check design and comment if required.

AOB 2. BM reported on a crosswall being built on Riverside Street ( NCN 1 ). He had received an that the route would be ramped at this section as part of the protection for Douglas Row. It emerged that despite requests to THC we were still unclear regarding the nature of the facilities to be provided for cycling & walking. It was agreed BM would contact Matt Smith ( MS ) THC to discover these provisions.
ACTION BM Contact MS (TNC ) to ascertain widths & status of cycling provision.

AOB 3. GC had received a draft of a Cycling Advocacy document from Inverness City Partnership.
ACTION GC to comment and remain in contact

AOB 4. GC invited to attend Transform meeting with discussion panel including John Swinney MSP. Opportunity to "lobby" on dualling and Raigmore interchange. Expenses travel & overnight agreed. GC will attend if able to arrange.

ACTION GC to attend if possible

Next Meeting - 17th July 2014 at 2 & 8 Church St Inverness